BI Use case series – Sales functional area

The company

Vertically integrated manufacturer and fabricator of engineered material solutions. An $80 Million international organization headquartered in the US and has eight manufacturing operations around the world.

Customer Business Problem

The system setup did not support business needs and growth due to:

  • 21 separate Databases for same ERP
  • Mixture of Oracle & SQL Databases
  • 3 separate Data Centers
  • 480 reports specialized per location
  • Businesses operating in Silos

This resulted in un-matching reports, lots of time wasted on Data Entry, Data gathering, System Upgrades, lack of data accuracy and Transparency. The company witnessed difficult Organic growth,higher manufacturing cost and High support system cost. In addition, business insights and decision-making were a major challenge.

Cube 3 Approach and Solutions


  • Carefully listened and identified the key business pain points
  • Reviewed the business strategy and company vision
  • Analyzed existing systems and architecture
  • Collaborated with IT and key business stake holders in regard to the proposed IT solutions
  • Selected a Phased approach to reduce risks and ensure ROI at each phase of the project
  • Gained Business approval to proceed with the proposed solutions
  • Guided the business in selecting a qualified Project Team
  • Ensured the development of Business SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) representing each function for the project


Cube 3 empowered its customer to accelerate analysis and make a greater impact with business data. Our BI Experts implemented a single source of truth and createdtimely trustworthy analysis that decision makers rely on. In just a few clicks, the users can combine data sources, add filters, drill down into specific information, createdashboards, and discover new insights hidden in the data.

Solutions –Systems Design and Architecture

Cube3 Team recommended the Design and implementation of fully INTEGRATED and FLEXIBLE systems with a single database to enable rapid data analysis and accurate and smart business decision-making.

ROI: $575K/Year Reduction in CS = $150K/YR

  • Eliminated three full time positions in Customer Service due to systems consolidation.

Centralized Procurement Function = $250K

  • Provided visibility to overall purchasing spend across the enterprise
  • Centralization provided better negotiating power and savings

Lower IT Cost = $175K

  • Reduction in annual maintenance software cost through ERP and Data Center centralization
  • Reduction in Contractors’ overhead due to consolidation in databases and reporting across the organization