Our Solutions

Business Intelligence

Self Service Reporting
Dynamic Reports from Accurate Data

Shop Floor Integration

Created tools and Dashboards to integrate the Shop floor and the office in real time

  • Scanning for Labor and Inventory
  • Shipping
  • Scheduling

WIFI Upgrade and Security

  • Implemented 2 Tier Access
  • Improved system performance
  • Increased security enables Governmental bids to be accepted
  • Reduces overall risk to company

Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster recovery implementation allows for less downtime in a Disaster situation
  • Allows business to start shipping to customers again as fast as possible

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

  • Phone Consolidation improves cost per line
  • Meeting solution consolidation improves cost and drives standardization
  • Allows for further implementation of technology

Internal Collaboration

  • SharePoint, and Intranets
  • Team Collaboration
  • Email Reduction and Consolidation
  • Single point of Information